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Used and New Hot Tub Spas Up To 30-40% Off!

Hot Tub Universe

Hot Tubs Designed For Cold Nova Scotia Winters

Our Used Hot Tub Quality Guarantee

Every hot tub and spa we list for sale on our website undergoes a set of rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure our customers are always 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Why Buy A Used Spa?

The savings youíll get by buying used can help you purchase a bigger, more efficient or more luxurious spa or hot tub then you could otherwise!

Upgrade Your Hot Tub

Ready to trade in your hot tub on a newer model? We are adding new Hot Tub inventory on a daily basis. Discuss your options for an upgrade with one of our hot tub experts!

Halifax Used Hot Tubs Tested For Quality!

Your #1 source for quality new and used Hot Tubs and Spas in Halifax Nova Scotia!

All spas are tested and inspected to ensure they are in good working condition. Then they are sold with a warranty for even greater piece of mind.

The biggest reason customerís continue to buy used hot tubs is TO SAVE MONEY or HAVE GREATER PURCHASING POWER FOR THE MONEY. Either way, by decided to buy a used hot tub you are SAVING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the price of a new hot tub. As an example, letís say youíre considering spending $5000 on a hot tub. Your dollar goes much further buying a used hot tub vs new, and allows you to take advantage of more available options, larger size, more features, etc when compared to buying a new one. You are able to shop the best brands in the industry that you may not have been able to do otherwise.

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Halifax Discounted Used Demo Hot Tubs For Sale.

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